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Perfect design.

Design perfection comes as standard.

Graphic Design.

Great graphic design engages and pushes the boundaries between digital and print. It should be seamless and elevate any brand to create interest and engagement through outstanding concepts, to truly stunning visuals. 


Branding is a story, journey and a true visual identity which provokes interest and stability to a company, product or individual. Innovation and impact are essential elements for a successful brand which will last the test of time…

Design the right way

With years of experience working with many national and international brands, perfect design, matched with brand consistency and innovation are essential in creating exciting and engaging outputs.

Branding is Key

Whether you are a new company who wants a fresh an exciting direction or and existing company who wants to develop and evolve your brand I am able to provide the guidance you need to ensure your brand will be

Manchester Graphic Design. 

I have worked with many national and international brands, producing visuals across both digital and print to enhance their identity. I have over 10 years experience re-branding companies across the UK, from consultation right the way through to completion, ending with comprehensive branding guidelines being issued. All my graphic design and branding is guaranteed to be cheaper than a design agency.

Get in touch…

Feel free to drop me a line by filling out the contact form or call on 07545762717 to discuss any potential project.


(+44) 7545 762 717

Peter Richardson