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The Brief

To produce a series of illustrations that capture the imagination and feelings that encapsulate Live Action Role Playing (LARP). The illustrations should have reference to the fun and fantasy that the hobby provides.

The style should be consistent throughout all illustrations and animations in order to produce a fluent production.

Production of animated sequences to use on both live action and solely animated pieces throughout the feature film. Animated sequences used on live action shall be produced as Alpha Channel exports. All fully animated sequences shall be produced to broadcast standards.

I was tasked to produce a range of charactertures of some of the cast in the same style as the initial illustrations. The three main characters; Alex, Mike, Nick. These were used across a range of media including animated sequences, printed merchandise and social media.


This project allowed the full control over the illustrative style and concept which then ran throughout the film. I produced a number of illustrations to be used for titles and sequences in the film and a range of illustrations that would be used for printed merchandise. I produced a range of six postcards that illustrated six different destinations the cast visited in the film. These were very illustration based. The six illustrated postcards appeared at San Diego Comic Con in 2013 in order to promote the film. The feature film was received well and featured at cinemas in Europe and America.