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Essential Ormskirk is all about bringing business back to local communities. They believe in creating unique selling points for customers to buy into which in turn will bring vibrancy back into every small town, starting with Ormskirk. I was aked to create their brand from scratch. This page will give a brief overview how the brand was built and used across various marketing channels.

Logo Design

The logo was designed with basic shapes in mind to give a minimalistic impression. I explored ideas using circles, squares and diamonds but finally settled on the hexagonal. As the logo developed I decided to run with the idea of having an “E” as the centrepiece to the logo. I deconstructed the letter “E” into four separate shapes, giving the logo an aspect of minimalism and mystery.

The Brief

To create a strong, established looking brand with an air of mystery surrounding the brand. A symbol based logo that will stand alone and also with the company name “Essential Ormskirk” beside it. A fresh, clean, minimalistic vision that will transfer across print and web, easily identifiable with a scope to expand to further cities. The brand shall be ultra-modern with a sympathetic colour pallet which compliments the logo across different media and platforms. Considerations should be taken with the view for various background colours.

Essential Ormskirk was a brand new discount card scheme and so needed everything doing from scratch. The task of creating a luxurious brand which could be associated with just one icon once the scheme reached other areas of the North-West. This was an integral aspect to how the design and branding would be delivered. The brand needed to be adaptable and changeable for the eventuality of ‘Essential Preston’, ‘Essential Southport’ and ‘Essential Liverpool’, it needed to be a design which people would in time be able to associate with just the plain and simple ‘E’ icon. I designed all of the publicity materials for Essential Ormskirk, including plastic discount cards, roller banners and event stands, A3 and A1 posters, postcards, business cards, t-shirts and jackets. As this was a start-up venture, the branding had to be consistent across every platform whether it was print or web based.

The “Essential” brand was well received by both the owners of the company and it’s customers. On completion of the project a website was built using the branding guidelines I had provided, all the publicity was printed and a promotional team was employed to  help kick-start the companies ambitions.